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STAGETEC networks Greek National Opera and National Library

Large NEXUS network with CRESCENDO and ON AIR flex

Athens, Greece, March 2018: STAGETEC, together with its Greek distributor Telmaco, has completed an interesting project at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Greece. The center is a multifunctional complex for arts, education and entertainment in Athens. It houses the Greek National Opera and the National Library, surrounded by the 210,000m² Stavros Niarchos Park. Both facilities are equipped with audio technology from STAGETEC. Three recording studios have been installed in the National Library, one of which is equipped with broadcast technology - with an IP-based console ON AIR flex from STAGETEC. The ON AIR flex has 40 input channels, 32 output busses and four monitoring paths and is used, for example, to mix radio programs and the presenters. For music sessions that take place in recording studios, the ON AIR flex is used to mix the sound for the musicians and to feed live recordings directly into the radio program.

The ON AIR flex is connected to a very extensive NEXUS network consisting of 15 Base Devices and three routers. A NEXUS STAR router acts as the central station to which all Base Devices are connected. With the XMIC board, the routing network provides more than 400 TrueMatch microphone inputs.

The largest part of the NEXUS audio network is located in the National Opera House. Here, three CRESCENDO mixing consoles are connected to two NEXUS STAR routers. A CRESCENDO with 40 faders is installed in the sound control room of the main stage, providing excellent listening pleasure for the 1400-seat audience. The second CRESCENDO with 40 faders was installed in the sound control room of the Performance Hall, a smaller stage for experimental productions, where it guarantees the best audio quality. The third CRESCENDO has 48 faders and is used for mixing, e.g. with an orchestra, in the large recording studio of the Opera.

The SNFCC was developed through an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and designed by internationally renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano. The SNFCC was presented last year by the Foundation as a gift to the Greek State.


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