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prolight+sound 2015: STAGETEC announces new XACI control card

prolight+sound, Frankfurt (Germany), April 2015: STAGETEC has just announced the release of a new control card for its NEXUS audio routing system: based on the ARM architecture, the powerful processor of the XACI NEXUS Advanced Control Interface is designed to handle complex control operations inside a NEXUS system. The original XCI will remain in the line-up.Among its countless advantages, the highly popular NEXUS audio router is capable of handling a great many intricate control operations all by itself. So far, this required installing an XCI card. The new XACI, which is far more powerful, will be premiered at prolight+sound 2015. With its ARM-based Cortex A9 processor, the XACI provides cutting-edge processing power to satisfy even seemingly outlandish requests, while also enabling even tighter system integration.

Compact, fanless and versatile In addition to its sheer processing power, other highlights of the XACI card include a fanless 3U build in a space-saving footprint as well as the possibility to access the NEXUS audio bus. The benefit of this approach is that users can now use audio files rather than sine waves for line detection purposes. In addition, NEXUS can now be used as an automated public-address system during events. Depending on the application, functionalities that hitherto required external hardware can now be integrated into NEXUS.

Raw power The XACI card is clearly a controller on steroids: its 800MHz processor has ample headroom for control operations way beyond anything a serial control interface can possibly muster. It comes with a 4GB SSD memory as standard that can be expanded via the mSATA connector to cater to resource-gobbling databases. The card has 2GB of RAM, two USB Host ports and a GBit Ethernet switch with three ports.

“From a hardware point of view, this card is ready to take on any present or future challenge, like applications based on the OCA protocol or intricate network-based control structures. Not to mention the integration of applications that used to require external PCs as a hosting platform, such as webservers for ON AIR flex,” rejoices René Harder of STAGETEC.

More muscle to ON AIR flex The first device to be supplied with the XACI card as standard will be the STAGETEC ON AIR flex broadcast console. Here, STAGETEC leverages the card’s power for even tighter system integration and for use as a web server controlled from the console, which used to require an external PC (see also the dedicated press release).

Visit STAGETEC at prolight+sound (15 through 18 April 2015) at Messe Frankfurt (Germany).


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