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NAB: STAGETEC presents the IP mixing console concept AVATUS

NAB, Las Vegas, April 2017: STAGETEC, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, presents the new AVATUS mixing console concept with trend-setting technology and contemporary look & feel at NAB: a fully IP-based large mixing console with 21" multi-touch displays. The controls and interface are connected via standard Ethernet. The mixing console surfaces and other control units can be remotely connected via IP networks and enable remote productions.

The interface is designed flexibly, functions can be assigned individually. The operating philosophy becomes less technical, STAGETEC relies on workflow-oriented operation in its AVATUS mixing console concept. For example, the touch displays offer context-related functions. Another feature is the color coding of functional units. It supports users and allows them to work quickly and intuitively. Effective work is also promoted by the device views feature. Instead of having to switch each crosspoint individually, in the future the switching will be done via device lists.

The configurations are context-dependent in the AVATUS mixing console concept and can be made on all displays.

For the time being, the user interface will consist of only three different types of cassettes; there are no longer any central cassettes in the AVATUS mixing console concept. This allows several users to work on one console at different locations. This way of working is supported by the multi-touch displays, each of which allows access to all parameters and all central functions. The mixing console surface can be split, as the displays can be placed anywhere.

"We developed our AVATUS mixing console concept to meet our customers' demands for IP-based technology that opens up to standardized protocols. The concept is very flexible in terms of what customers want. The customization of the user interface and its functions has been simplified considerably, allowing the mixing console concept to be configured individually for each customer in the broadcast, theater and live sectors," comments Dr. Helmut Jahne, Managing Director of STAGETEC.

The AVATUS mixing console concept provides more than 800 input channels and 128 summing buses. The width of the channel formats ranges from mono to 7.1. Features such as the DeEsser as audio module, loudness metering, multiband compressor, STAGETEC automixer are integrated into the operation. The size of the mixing console concept varies between 12 and 96 operating strips.

The mixing console concept of STAGETEC is based on standardized technologies and protocols. This increases the controllability by third-party devices and their integration. Connectivity to and from other systems is to be further increased by implementing the AES70 standard.

With the presentation of the AVATUS mixing console concept, STAGETEC confirms its role as a pioneer in the development of digital audio technology. For customers, this development has the advantage of providing the latest technology paired with STAGETEC's proven audio quality and reliability.


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