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Matryoshka with AURUS and NEXUS from STAGETEC

Moscow, December 2017: Together with its Russian partner Sovremenniye Tekhnologiyi Zvuka, the Berlin-based manufacturer of digital audio technology, STAGETEC, has completed an interesting project in Russia. An AURUS platinum mixing console and a large NEXUS routing network were installed just outside Moscow, in Skolkovo. Here, one of the largest technology centers in the world is being built, a kind of Russian Silicon Valley. Instead of 400 inhabitants so far, 25,000 people will then live and work here.

STAGETEC's technology was installed in a multifunctional conference building, which was one of the first to be completed on the approximately 400-hectare site. The AURUS platinum mixing console has 32 faders and was installed in a control room. The NEXUS audio network consists of a NEXUS STAR router, eight NEXUS base devices, and a mobile base unit. The delivery also includes the OMUX optical multiplexer. This enables the connection of portable or fixed external devices to the NEXUS network, which are installed on three floors. In this way, the audio installation from STAGETEC ensures good sound for conferences, concerts, presentations, exhibitions and a wide range of events.

The atrium of the conference building has the shape of the famous Russian doll-in-dummy and gave the building its name: Matryoshka. It houses hotel apartments, offices, a gym, a restaurant, exhibition spaces and a conference room that can be reconfigured according to requirements.


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