ISE: Stage Tec’s IP console AVATUS in theatre version


2019 01 StageTec Avatus Theater no screen6

2019 01 StageTec Avatus Theater

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2019: Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, presents the world premiere of its IP-based mixing console AVATUS as a theatre console with detachable screens at the ISE (booth 15-R264). In many theatres, due to structural conditions, control rooms are built such that the sound engineers cannot see over their mixing console to the stage. AVATUS offers a solution to this problem. The theatre version of AVATUS is designed so that the upper screens are removable. Since the IP console is connected via standard TCP/IP interfaces, each module has its own IP address. This enables the screens to be installed anywhere within the NEXUS network.

"AVATUS was developed to create an optimal symbiosis of flexible touch technology and proven haptic control elements. The concept, based entirely on IP technology, is suitable for a wide variety of situations. AVATUS can be tailored to various applications in theatre, broadcast and live,” commented René Harder, member of the Stage Tec management board.

AVATUS IP-based connections offer new possibilities for development of infrastructures and redefine the term “mixing console control surface”. AVATUS is the world's first audio console without a centre section and will consist of only three different modules. The console will be available in sizes between 12 and 96 faders.

Visit Stage Tec at the ISE at booth 15-R264!