Lip sync with AURATUS

Keywall Studio opts for Stage Tec


2016 09 keywall Auratus

Charleroi, Belgien, September 2016: Keywall Studio in Charleroi, Belgium, is a recording studio based on virtual technologies. For several weeks now Keywall Studio has been using a Stage Tec AURATUS console and a NEXUS audio network for the audio technical equipment of a control room. The compact AURATUS digital console is equipped with 16 faders. System integration was carried out by the Belgian company Studiotech. In addition to a renowned animation studio Keywall Studio operates various virtual studios and green screen studios. Together with partners such as RTBF (Belgium’s French speaking public broadcaster) here Keywall Studio produces virtual shows, events, corporate videos and weather reports.
Keywall Studio chose the Stage Tec system because of the flexibility of the delay settings in every input channel and output bus of the AURATUS console. A virtual studio’s set is generated in a computer and requires processing time, usually 80 to 160ms (2 to 4 video frames). The delay in each AURATUS input channel enables lip sync to be maintained with the processed and delayed video. For this reason every microphone or line input signal and bus has its own delay, of up to 1.6s.
Sylvain Menet, Operations Manager at Studio Keywall, appreciates the AURATUS direct access console, “All the relevant channel functions required in a broadcast production fall directly to hand. The intuitive operation of AURATUS is effective and the NEXUS network gives access to all interfaces and the required functionality. Apparently the customers have complete confidence in our system because the studio facility is fully booked into the future from day one.”