AURUS platinum sold directly at the IBC



Berlin, September: Stage Tec’s partner for the Netherlands and Belgium, Jean-Paul Moerman, enjoyed a special success at the IBC. J.V.E. managing director, John Van Eyck, was so impressed by the AURUS platinum demonstration that he bought the console straight off the exhibition stand. This AURUS platinum has 48 faders and will be installed in an OB van. The company, J.V.E. Facilities BV from the Netherlands, provides services for broadcasters and specializes in sound recording. In recent years J.V.E. has acquired a number of NEXUS Base Devices for audio recordings. “As a long term user I am convinced that the Stage Tec microphone preamps are still the reference”, John Van Eyck explains his decision. “The direct access to console parameters and the many features that AURUS provides guarantee a great mix. It gives me a lot of confidence that Stage Tec has a good contact point for Belgium and the Netherlands and Jean-Paul possesses lots of practical knowledge.“, continues John Van Eyck. “This heavily influenced our decision to go ahead with Stage Tec, alongside the outstanding quality of their products.”
Immediately after the IBC show J.V.E. expressed the intention to purchase a CRESCENDO platinum for its second OB van.
“Our customers appreciate the long tradition of the Stage Tec products”, comments Jean-Paul Moerman. “We are completely committed to providing customers with the great service Stage Tec is known for.”