The Matrix control program for the NEXUS system displays signal levels graphically. While the various parameter dialogs include meters for individual signals, multichannel meters are available for viewing multiple signals at the same time. The multichannel-metering software greatly enhances the feature set of multichannel meters. It can access all sources and destinations available on the NEXUS system and enables them to be assigned to individual meters. For a better view of a large number of channels, the program provides eight viewing layers with 48 channels each (totalling 384 signals). The number of meter bars can be set individually for each layer.

Other features include peak hold, peak memory, and metering-range shift.

In the main window, signal levels are displayed as familiar bar graphs. The window, as well as the meter bars, is scalable, and can thus be adapted to individual requirements and the screen size. The scaling, the window position and other configurable settings (e.g. bar colours) are restored when a layer is recalled. It is thus possible, for example, to create an extensive 48-channel view on layer 1 while layer 2 might be a small window containing just two meter bargraphs.

All channel assignments and configurations can be saved to a settings file. In this way presets can be created to suit different scenarios for different projects or productions, which can be recalled rapidly during operation.

The multichannel-metering software is part of the NEXUS software and is therefore installed by default to the computer when performing a NEXUS standard install. Connection to the NEXUS system is made via a USB or Ethernet link. The software can be run independently of the NEXUS control program. The multichannel-metering software is controlled by the Logic Control system, which is a standard feature of NEXUS.

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