Intelligent Generic Interface Board for Serial Data Formats

  • Operating-panel interface for controlling the NEXUS
  • Peripheral control
  • Communication with external devices
  • 4 interface ports
  • Supported protocols: RS 232 DCE, RS 232 DTE, RS 422 AES-15, RS 422 SMPTE/EBU, MIDI, Stage Tec protocol, Ethernet
  • SD memory-card slot for loading NEXUS snapshots

 data sheet (176 kb)

The NEXUS intelligent generic communication-interface board supplements the functionality of a NEXUS audio network with control functions: The XCI board allows external devices to be remote-controlled and control protocols queried. Suggested applications include the provision of connectivity to operating panels for controlling NEXUS functions or remote-controlling peripheral units such as power amplifiers or audio recorders. Other protocols and/or control functions for other devices can be implemented in addition to the pre-programmed standard functions.
All control information required by the XCI board is transferred via the fibre-optic lines of the NEXUS network, so no additional cabling is necessary. The control functionality is fully integrated into NEXUS, and the board can therefore be operated from anywhere on the network.
The XCI board is shipped with a project-specific hardware configuration and various software modules. To fulfil the requirements imposed by its universal character, the board is equipped with a dedicated processor, memory, and firmware. A buffer based on a lithium battery or an accumulator preserves the user data stored to the SRAM memory even when the operating voltage is not present for an extended time.

Both the terminal pinout and the supported protocol are individually configured as required by the customer.


The XCI board offers four interfaces that allow for flexible configuration to suit a wide variety of implementations. 9-pin D-Sub interface ports are a standard feature, and the board supports a variety of data formats (e.g. MIDI).


The range of peripheral units supported is constantly being extended. For example, the following standard configurations can be realised (other configurations are available on request):

Remote-Controlling Machines from the AURUS or CANTUS Interfaces Denon DN-C680; Fostex D 15; Sony MDS-B5; Studer A 810, A 820, A 812, D 730, D 731, D 780; Tascam DA 38, DA 60, DA 78, DA 88, DA 98, MD 801; Pyramis, Sequoia, etc.

Controlling Power Amplifiers Stage Tec, d&b, QSC 800, Renkus-Heinz

Controlling NEXUS Functions High-speed DSP interface for controlling Stage Tec controllers, operation via BFE controllers

Data Transmission Interface for transferring project-specific label data (on request)


The XCI board is supplied with a customer-specific configuration. The actual components vary depending on the types of interface required. (Interfaces of different types can be mixed on a single board.)

XCI03 Specifications

Memory 512 kB to 2 MB SRAM, battery-backed
flash ROM
Interface types
maximum 4 galvanically isolated serial interface ports
RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, MIDI, AURUS/- and CANTUS/NEXUS-control modul, Ethernet-Port
RS 232 interface – DTE/DCE application: e.g. machine control
terminals: D-Sub terminal (9-pole), female, galvanically isolated
baud rate: 38.4 KBaud (typ.), 115.2 KBaud (max.)
cable length: 10 m/32.8' recommended
RS 422/485 interface
(AES-15 compliant)
Sample application: 9-pin protocol compliant control of external machines
terminals: D-Sub terminal (9-pole), female, galvanically isolated
baud rate: 38.4 KBaud (typ.), 115.2 KBaud (max.)
input level: –7 to 12 V max.
I/O impedance: 120 ohm
cable length: 100 m/330' (max.)@110-ohm lead, ±20%
MIDI interface application: e.g. control using MIDI program changes
terminals: D-Sub terminal (9-pole), female, galvanically isolated
current range: 5 mA
baud rate: 31.25 kBaud
cable length: 5 m (max.)
Stage Tec interface
application: e.g. control using Stage tec protocol
terminals: D-Sub terminal (9-pole), female, galvanically isolated
I/O voltage: 4 balanced line couples (RS422 compliant)
I/O impedance: 110 ohm
baud rate: 1 MBaud (max.)
cable length: 100 m
Ethernet port

data rate: 10/100 Mbit

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