Digital-Audio Components

hxetr-frontplatteThe new generation of NEXUS-AES3 cards: XETR/HXETR

XETR and HXETR constitute a new generation of AES3 interface boards for NEXUS systems. For the first time, AES3 inputs and outputs are combined on one NEXUS card.

4/8-channel AES3 I/O Boards

xdip-front-11-09-12Dante Audio over IP Interface  XDIP

The XDIP (neXus Dante IP) board for the NEXUS is the result of a successful collaboration between Stage Tec and Audinate. Based on the Dante Brooklyn module, the XDIP sends and receives 64 input channels and 64 output channels simultaneously, thus providing an interface between the IP world and the synchronously clocked NEXUS routing system.

Multichannel I/O board

xded-frontDolby E® Decoder board XDED

The XDED (NEXUS Dolby E® Decoder) board is a slide-in board for decoding Dolby E® and Dolby D (AC-3) signals on NEXUS systems. The board comprises a base plate with two module slots that can be populated with Dolby OEM modules. Thus, the board allows for decoding up to two encoded audio streams to linear PCM.

Dolby Input Board

xdee-frontDolby E® Encoder board XDEE

The XDEE (NEXUS Dolby E® Encoder) is a plug-in board for encoding Dolby E® signals on NEXUS systems. The board comprises a base plate and a module slot which is equipped with an original Dolby OEM module. This makes it possible to generate an individual data stream containing Dolby E® encoded audio.

Output Board for Dolby E® Audio

xer-front-xlrAES/EBU I/O board XER

The 4×2-channel AES/EBU input board handles AES/EBU and S/PDIF data and is available with either XLR, RCA coaxial, TOSLINK optical or BNC ports. In addition, versions featuring RJ45 and 15-pole D-Sub ports receiving all channels over a single port can be supplied for use in fixed installations.

4/8-channel AES/EBU and S/PDIF Input Board

xet-frontAES/EBU I/O XET

The XET output board provides 4×2 AES/EBU or S/PDIF-compliant channels. The board is available in various versions with different ports (XLR, RCA coaxial, BNC, and TOSLINK optical). RJ45 or D-Sub terminals where all signals are transferred over a single port are also available for increased installation-friendliness.

4/8-channel AES/EBU and S/PDIF Output Board

xaf-frontADAT I/O-Interface XAF

The XAF board provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs for the ADAT 8-channel format used, for example, by digital tape machines. The inputs and outputs of the board can optionally be equipped with sample-rate converters and can therefore handle asynchronous signals.

8-channel I/O Board

xmf04-frontMADI I/O-Interface XMF

The NEXUS MADI Format (XMF) board connects to the MADI serial in­ter­face (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface). It includes a MADI port pro­viding 64 inputs and 64 outputs in just 4 width units.

MADI Multichannel-I/O Board

xsdi_02-frontInterface for Embedded Audio XSDI

In a NEXUS system, the XSDI board is provided to make available the audio embedded into an SDI digital serial video stream as specified by SMPTE-259M (SDI). In addition, any audio existing on the NEXUS system can be written to the video stream.

16-channel I/O Board for Audio Data Embedded into a Digital Serial Video Stream

xhdi-front-focInterface for Embedded Audio XHDI

The XHDI is the second-generation XHDI board. In addition to SD and HD video, it also supports HD-3G formats. The XHDI 02 enables the NEXUS system to receive, add, and process audio that is integrated in a digital serial video stream complying with either of the SMPTE 259M (SD), SMPTE 292M (HD), and SMPTE 424M/425M (3G) standards.

16-Channel I/O Board for handling Audio Data Embedded in a Digital Serial Video Stream

xtf-front8-channel Tascam I/O Board

The NEXUS TDIF 8-channel board is an interface to the TDIF format by Tascam. This format connects, for example, to the DA 88 and DA 98 digital tape machines. The inputs and outputs can be equipped with sample-rate converters for handling asynchronous signals.

8-channel Tascam I/O Board

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