NEXUS STAR concept - Stage Tec - professional audio mixing consoles and digital audio routing - made in Berlin

NEXUS STAR and NEXUS are fully-digital audio-signal routers and distribution systems. They are designed as distributed systems comprised of multiple Base Devices with a modular configuration. The routing systems and audio networks are configured individually for each customer and may be extended at any time.
Extensive audio networks can be implemented using basic NEXUS building blocks. With large installations, using the NEXUS STAR router enables simple yet powerful network structures to be created that can also demonstrate cost savings. Acting as the core of the installation, NEXUS STAR handles the routing using a specially designed and highly optimised routing matrix. This matrix is capable of routing 4,096 inputs to 4,096 outputs.

nexus star star1

In a distributed NEXUS audio network, the NEXUS STAR acts as a star router and is capable of networking up to 31 NEXUS Base Devices. A variety of analogue and digital I/O boards as specified by the customer is installed into these NEXUS Base Devices. The Base Devices are interconnected using optical cabling. This enables the Base Devices to be de-centralized and located exactly where they are needed. Distances of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) can be achieved. This is why even a fully populated NEXUS STAR is a compact 19" rack unit just 6 U high.

Straightforward Concept

A NEXUS STAR based audio router network consists of the following:

  • NEXUS STAR router (including MADI boards as requested)
  • NEXUS Base Devices featuring customised I/O resources in analogue and digital formats and DSP boards for signal processing (on request)
  • Duplex optical cables interconnecting the STAR router and the NEXUS Base Devices
  • One or more control computers providing the interface between the NEXUS STAR audio network and the user

The RBP router backplane provides 21 slots laid out for 4-HP boards. 16 of these slots are reserved for accommodating I/O boards.

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