ON AIR flex an Overview

Concept Modular system of IP connected, freely configurable components
Audio connection Fully integrated into NEXUS, combines with all NEXUS modules
Audioprocessing 40 input channels
8 Sums, 8 Groups
8 Aux-Groups, 8 N-1
Multichannel mode: Stereo, 5.1
4 monitor channels
2 PFL/AFL-Stereobus
Input channel:
- Channel gain, (inside the mixing console)
- Insert and delay ( 1650 ms, plus delay in the NEXUS DSP)
- Equalizer and filter (parametric 4-band EQ and Low Cut and Hi Cut filter)
- Direct output (volume and pre/post switchable)
- Gate/expander and compressor/limiter
- Aux send (pre/post switchable)
- Mix minus one send (pre/post switchable)
- Fader and mute
- Panorama, supports multichannel
Fader panel
4 channel strips with 10 buttons each, one rotary encoder, one OLED display
Fader: 100 mm Penny&Giles® motor fader, touch sensitive
Channel grid: 38 mm
Dimensions (width x length): 180 mm x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 1100 g
Monitor panel
2 colour TFTs and 2 rotary encoders for fader position and source selection the CR channels, various multi-coloured buttons
Key pad for NEXUS Logic Control
Dimensions (width x length): 180 mm x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 770 g
Virtual interface
Web browser-based, not tied to any operating system
Freely configurable layouts
Extensive widget library
Touch controls
Central administration
Control protocols IP-based
Remote control protocol Ember+
Panels can be joined consecutively from 1 to 6 panels on request in a light metal enclosure
Flat frames make installation in desks easy
Dimensions (width x length x desk depth): 203 mm x 363 mm x 80 mm for one panel, each additional panel: + 180 mm width
Weight: approx. 1800 g for one cassette, each additional cassette: + 600 g
Power supply Integrated in desk cavity
Permanent redundancy
Supply voltage: 110 V – 230 V
Power supply capacity: 90 W for 2 panels, 150 W from 3 panels

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