The capabilities on the new ON AIR flex

You can set up your ON AIR flex system to reflect your personal workflow exactly:

  • The entire system can be controlled through a virtual user interface on a PC or tablet.
  • In the virtual interface you can select from a wide range of control elements precisely the ones you need – the most important elements are also available as hardware.
  • Every fader, button and display is located on the touchscreen wherever a user wishes to have it.
  • Each user can define their own configuration.
  • Modular: Start with a single fader panel and audio processor, and upgrade the NEXUS system as you go.
  • User-defined functions can be assigned to the hardware elements as needed.
  • The NEXUS Logic Control is freely configurable.

Where ON AIR flex excels

An unsurpassed series of benefits:

  • The unique concept with flexible networked components
  • Fully integrated into NEXUS
  • Intuitive operation, for users with any level of experience
  • Contemporary virtual interface with a widget library
  • Fully IP-based
  • Minimal administrative burden for the system administrator
  • Modern modules with tried-and-tested Stage Tec quality
  • PC not necessary


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