What's new about ON AIR flex

ON AIR flex is the completely flexible mixing console system for broadcasters.
It consists of three basic components connected via IP:

The user interface

Two hardware panel types:

  • Fader panels with 4 channel strips each
  • Monitor panel with 2 TFT screens
  • Light metal framework allows for easy integration into studio furniture
  • Fully integrated hardware components

OnAir flex schraeg

Virtual surface:

  • Web browser-based, no app installation required
  • Available for Windows, OS X
  • Available for mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Freely configurable layouts
  • Extensive widget library
  • Central administration

The audio processor

Audio processing fully integrated into NEXUS:

  • 40 input channels
  • 32 buses
  • 1 stereo / 5.1 monitor channel with MultiMeter, separately adjustable headphones
  • Up to 3 additional stereo monitor channels
  • PFL/AFL stereo bus
  • Can be combined with all available NEXUS modules
  • Scalable

OnAir flex draufsicht

NEXUS Logic Control

An independent component that links the user interface to the audio processor.

Any customer-defined broadcast workflow can be achieved:

  • With the individual configuration from Stage Tec
  • A special configuration language allows the customer to perform the configuration autonomously
  • Integration into tried-and-tested NEXUS logic programming
  • Logic Control directly integrated in NEXUS through XACI board, PC not necessary
  • Central administration

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