CRESCENDO mixing-console systems offer the following standard features:

CRESCENDO mixing-console systems offer the following standard features:

+ Console

  • Modular design, audio channels are freely assignable to channel strips
  • 8 user-assignable operating layers
  • Quick access to two pre-selected operating layers in the channel strip
  • Quick access to eight operating layers per panel in the channel strip
  • Central channel operation for a full overview of all parameters
  • Central control for monitoring, automation, Logic Control and Communications
  • Sensor-controlled display brightness on the control surface
  • Integrated control PC, mobile wireless keyboard with touch pad
  • Integrated OEM version of the RTW TM9 audio monitor with the same functionality and ease of use as the stand-alone unit (optional)
  • USB port for removable media

+ Inputs and Outputs, Monitoring

  • Full input and output routing on PC via the CRESCENDO GUI
  • Different routings can be stored in projects as a NEXUS status
  • Freely configurable graphical I/O display groups for fast access to crosspoints
  • 8 character channel and bus names are editable
  • Meter display of inputs and outputs in the configurable MultiMeter computer software (96 meters)
  • Loudness metering according to ITU-R BS.1770-2, ITU-R BS.1771 + EBU R 128 for inputs and outputs in the configurable Master Monitor software


  • Selectable PFL monitoring modes, solo and Solo in-place
  • Fader controlled backstop PFL
  • 576 user-definable monitoring sources in NEXUS, in mono, stereo or 5.1

+ Configuration

  • Freely configurable bus modes, mono, stereo, 5.1
  • Freely configurable assignment of audio channels to the console surface
  • All settings can be saved in projects
  • Projects are created in an internal computer, which also provides storage for console projects
  • Supports various international character sets

+ Controls

  • Linking of input channels to stereo strips (including dynamics side-chain control signals)
  • 24 freely assignable Master/Slave groups with selectable functions
  • Switchable VCA fader mode
  • 16 freely assignable link groups with selectable functions
  • 16 freely assignable mute groups
  • Spill function for all link types including stereo
  • AUX/N-1 to fader function for quick and clear access

+ Displays

  • Level and dynamic range displays on each channel strip TFT screen
  • EQ curve display for each channel strip
  • Dynamic range module characteristics indicator on each channel strip (and control)
  • Display of all bus assignments (including AUX and N-1) and control groups for the channel strips
  • Automatic information window displays numeric values of current mixing console parameters in the channel strip TFT
  • Permanent meter displays with up to 96 bus channels on the central TFT
  • Additional visual display fields with characteristic curves in the central control panel

+ Automation

  • Snapshot automation with up to 999 snapshots per project
  • Scene automation with up to 999 entries possible
  • Configuration and management of snapshot user rights
  • Save / Load NEXUS statuses for console I/O routing
  • MIDI control of external devices
  • Selectable machine controls for 16 devices in the GUI
  • Cue List Manager per machine
  • Full snapshots (all mixing console settings), selective parameter snapshots (e.g. all fader settings, EQ or aux) and channel snapshots (selected channels including functions) can be stored
  • Isolate function protects individual settings from being overwritten when loading snapshots
  • Projects can be saved to a PC or other media
  • Integrated NEXUS Base Device emulator for unconnected Base Devices (especially for use in OB vans)

+ N–1 System (Mix Minus)

  • Complete integrated N-1 system
  • All input, group and summing channels available as possible sources
  • 8 or 16 off-air conference buses, up to 96 buses for playback
  • Fader controlled pre/post-switching via “Off Air Matrix” control

+ Logic Control

  • Integration of selected CRESCENDO functions with the programmable NEXUS logic system for switching and control functions
  • Remote control of dynamic expanders (Audio Follows Video) and fader on/off function
  • Status of certain keys and fader start relays can be queried
  • Fader on/backstop logic for broadcasting
  • 40 user assignable keys in the console centre section, for example programming an on-air switch
  • Theatre automation control
  • Activation of configurable display fields in the central TFT screen
  • Control and query both timers
  • Optional switching to second and third display port per TFT screen

+ Reliability

  • Selectable and configurable redundant signal processing card
  • Automatic power failure backup system which restores the last known settings after Power ON
  • Redundant power supplies in all components
  • Continuous auto diagnostics and error logging in CRESCENDO and NEXUS
  • Direct display of error messages on console interface
  • Projects saved in console and accessible without a PC
  • During operation errors logged to system log files

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