More channels, longer delays, a higher packing density and lower price – Powerful platinum DSP for CRESCENDO platinum

2016 04 prolight Crescendo PlatinumPlatinum DSP is a new and extremely powerful audio DSP unit for mixing consoles. It enables a maximally equipped CRESCENDO console to handle motre than 500 audio channels*, sufficient for any surround production. Thanks to the large amount of audio processing capacity, it provides sufficient audio channels even when all 128 audio buses are in use. The processing power also allows for comfortable operation with a 96 kHz sampling rate.

However, more channels and more available audio buses are just two highlights of the features the platinum DSP has to offer. Its processing unit is fully backwards compatible and is capable of increasing the number of channels even in existing consoles. Each channel strip has a very long delay at its disposal which, with over 1,000 ms delay possible, is capable of performing the run-time adjustments that can arise in everyday operation – such as compensating for when the picture and sound are out of sync, as can occur with wireless HD cameras.

Stage Tec mixing consoles have extremely long lifecycles. Stage Tec attaches great importance to the fact that new product features are always compatible with existing systems and can be retrofitted for users. Platinum DSP is backwards compatible and integrates easily into older CRESCENDO systems, enhancing their performance. Existing customers who want to benefit from the new platinum technology need only replace one module type. The Massively increased performance at the same cost means a substantial drop in the price per channel. Despite significantly improved performance, power consumption remains unchanged. The platinum series CRESCENDO have extremely low power consumption. Very little heat is generated during operation and no additional fans are required. In smaller installations the greater DSP density saves space in the NEXUS STAR, which is then available for additional MADI or network boards.

* The number of channels available depends on the mixing console configuration and selected sampling rate.

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