Ergonomics: Intuitive Control

Ergonomics play a key role in operating a mixing console. Users working in visual environments such as film, TV, or live mixing expect intuitive operation. Users focussing on the action on stage or on a video screen need instant access to key parameters rather than encoders and buttons that control multiple functions. And this is what the AURUS offers: As with an analogue console, Direct Access to all channel parameters. AURUS combines analogue-style control with the flexible configurability and electro acoustic parameters of a state-of-the-art digital system.

The AURUS surface is tailor made for intuitive, fast and reliable operation. Its straightforward handling allows for a relaxed working atmosphere and results in high-quality productions not only in live situations but also in recording and production environments.

The dimensions of the AURUS console are optimised for quick access to all controls and optimal visibility of displays and indicators. The console’s flat design offers an excellent view of video monitors, the recording studio or the stage. The TFT colour screens offer extended lateral viewing angles and remain legible from almost any position.

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