AURUS continues the Stage Tec concept of a consistent division between the mixing console and the I/O matrix: The main console is purely an operating and control device. Apart from the console, each AURUS mixing system includes a separate NEXUS STAR audio processor and a NEXUS audio network. This segmentation allows for distributed and highly efficient audio networks.

The console user interface is modular and consists of various control panels, TFT screens, a graphics tablet and keyboard. AURUS offers up to 96 control strips and a master section.  

AURUS is available in many configurations: different frame sizes and the number of signal-processor modules can be selected independently. This concept allows for countless configurations ranging from small live desks to extensive broadcasting-centre systems.
A fully populated AURUS system can host a maximum of seven processor cards which provide sufficient DSP for 300 audio channels. Configuration details and a great deal of other information is displayed on a screen in the Master section.

AURUS consumes very little energy and requires no fans. The portable console is designed as a lightweight desktop device and is fully functional even without the legs.

Concurrent connection of two AURUS control surfaces to the same audio processor is a standard feature of the AURUS basic concept: The first option is to run the AURUS in parallel mode where the secondary console – typically the smaller one – acts as a remote control for the main console by accessing selected main-console resources in parallel. The parallel console configuration is used principally for rehearsals.
On the other hand it is also possible to run two AURUS consoles connected to the same NEXUS STAR, each with its own signal processing. The two consoles operate independently from each other but have access to the same audio resources. This is useful, for example, when sound reinforcement is needed for an event which is also to be recorded or broadcast live at the same time.

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