Signal Flow

The combination of the NEXUS audio network with AURUS forms an overall system with distributed inputs and outputs in various formats. Regardless of where the physical ports are located the AURUS can access any or all available I/O resources on the system. NEXUS includes access-control features based on user privileges.

The entire signal flow from the recording microphone to the speakers is set using the configuration software or the console. The signal flow through the overall system is typically as follows:

  • Signal sources are connected to the appropriate cards in a NEXUS Base Device.
  • These audio resources are then routed in NEXUS to the desired mixing-console input channels using the integrated input matrix.
  • In the mixer channels signal processing is performed. The processed signals can be routed to buses or direct outs. Inserts and key inputs are also available.
  • Bus sums are routed to processing channels from where they go via the output matrix to the NEXUS audio network.

aurus signalflow

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