More channels, auto mixer, a higher packing density and lower price – Powerful platinum DSP for AURUS platinum

The powerful platinum DSP audio DSP unit furnishes the console with impressive processing power. AURUS platinum can now provide over 800 audio channels*, making resource intensive production formats such as 7.1 mixes with 128 sum buses at 96 kHz easy to accommodate.
Platinum DSP enables AURUS to offer new processing-intensive functions without sacrificing channel capacity. These functions include loudness metering according to EBU R 128**, which is Platinum Aufmacher 0003now available directly in the console sum buses and in the group channels. When using loudness metering in AURUS platinum, no channel modules are lost – an unrivalled feat.

AURUS platinum will provide an auto mixer based on gain sharing. This auto mixer from Stage Tec is fully integrated into the console's design and can be used in every input channel. All processing functions utilised previously will continue to be available in full. For better overview and more flexibility, the Stage Tec auto mixer provides four separate groups.

Another new highlight is available in the AURUS platinum scene automation: It is now possible to configure crossfade curves and times individually for each channel. Available in AURUS platinum, this function is one of the most important in scene switching and is especially sought-after by theatres.

Another Stage Tec console exclusive is a de-esser** as a channel module in every input channel. Also new is the expansion to 24 frequency steps per octave for all equalizers.

The maximum delay available has been multiplied. Where its predecessor was capable of 150 ms of delay, the platinum DSP offers delay of up to 2700 ms per channel. Setting is completely free of extraneous noise.

The new project configuration tool shoulders a lot of work for the user and is uniquely clear and flexible. An overview facilitates configuration of all multichannel formats. The user simply needs to specify the capacities they intend to use – channel and bus numbers are calculated automatically.
Previously, channel types were divided into short channels and full channels to distribute limited DSP resources in favour of more channels or more signal processing on fewer channels. AURUS platinum no longer requires this distinction. Platinum DSP provides sufficient processing power to equip all channel types with extensive signal processing capabilities.

Stage Tec mixing consoles have extremely long lifecycles. Stage Tec attaches great importance to the fact that new product features are always compatible with existing systems and can be retrofitted for users. Platinum DSP is backwards compatible and integrates easily into older AURUS systems, enhancing their performance. Existing customers who want to benefit from the new platinum technology need only replace one module type. The Massively increased performance at the same cost means a substantial drop in the price per channel. Despite significantly improved performance, power consumption remains unchanged. The platinum series AURUS have extremely low power consumption. Very little heat is generated during operation and no additional fans are required.

* The number of channels available depends on the mixing console configuration and selected sampling rate.
** Software release 4.3 necessary; de-esser required new operating panel.

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