General specs

Audio channels More than 800, depending on the configuration
Control strips 8 minimum, 96 maximum
Audio quality 40 bit floating point internally
Sum buses Up to 128 available @ 48 and 96 kHz
Delay Up to 2700 ms
GPI interface In the console or in NEXUS the GPI inputs and outputs integrated
Controllability Remote access via RAS, ROSS, Mosart, etc.
Compatibility Forwards and backwards compatible with existing systems
Channel strips Each with 22 rotarys, 32 keys and an OLED display
Completely noiseless No fans or harddisks
Low power consumption High efficiency power supply, e.g. 250 Watt (48 fader console)

Aurus platinum Zentrale Close

Features and functions

DAW integration Remote control and screen display of popular DAWs
Logic control 256 I/O signals for customised functions
Matrix mixer 32 x 32 signals, including 1024 gains or 160 gains plus delays
Upmix Integrates the ISOSTEM upmix algorithm from DSPECIALISTS
Channel grouping VCA, Mute, Link, Stereo
Automation Snapshot automation, scene automation, dynamic automation
Conference switching Integrated N-1 matrix for up to 96 N-1 buses
Virtual Surface 16 fader strips controllable via PC or tablet

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