Expect only excellence from AURUS platinum

Platinum Plexi Aufllage 581A2108Along with the many new elements much else is tried and tested, proven over many years — AURUS platinum provides sophisticated features and functions for a wide range of applications. Its strength is in large, evolving audio networks with diverse mixing tasks but its stand-alone performance is equally convincing. A true all-rounder with unlimited combinations!

AURUS platinum with platinum DSP

Platinum DSP is the new and extraordinarily powerful audio DSP unit for mixing consoles. The AURUS console fully equipped with seven platinum DSP processes over 800 audio channels* at 48 kHz and more than 400 audio channels* at 96 kHz, suffi cient for any surround production! The platinum DSP enables the large AURUS mixing consoles to mix in 40-bit fl oating-point arithmetic at a sample rate of 96 kHz in stereo and 5.1 Surround at the same time.

* The number of channels available depends on the mixing console, the console confi guration and selected sampling rate.

The Perfectionist AURUS platinum

Platinum touchpad 581A2072Designed for rapid operation, the control concept is unique: 22 rotary encoders per channel strip and up to 96 control strips with real-time switching and display enable direct access to all channels and parameters. All the while remaining focussed on the stage or screen.

You want to achieve the best audio quality possible? Noiseless, patented microphone inputs, high-precision calculations of all DSP and mixing
functions and phase locked processing of multi-channel signals are just three of the many qualities that ensure clear and transparent sound.

Platinum Hand Knopf 581A2147Attention to detail solves all routine studio problems reliably: DAW integration, parallel usage of meter bridge screens for displaying external signals and extensive control options are just a few examples of the numerous features.

The integrated NEXUS audio network provides almost limitless connectivity supporting an unsurpassed variety of audio formats. Even in large-scale mixed networks synchronisation and timing are always guaranteed.


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