Audio Processor

The AURATUS console audio processor is incorporated into the XCMC, a compact 3U NEXUS plugin card. The XCMC takes care of all audio processing routines for the AURATUS mixing system and all the I/O routing. The card also provides audio interfaces for connecting external devices. Power consumption is just 8 watts.

The XCMC supports 48-KHz and 96-KHz sample rates without restrictions, so all console resources, channels and buses are available at all times.
The XCMC also provides the interface to the NEXUS over an RJ-45 link, which carries all control data.

Multiple AURATUS consoles can coexist on the same NEXUS network, each with its dedicated XCMC card. All of these consoles can access the NEXUS I/Os and share the resources of the audio network flexibly as required.

A typical AURATUS/NEXUS system usually includes the following components:

  • XCMC card handling all audio processing and hardware control
  • XCPU NEXUS Base-Device controller card for routing functions, etc.
  • Audio-interface cards (depending on the audio formats required)
  • XFOC interface card(s) for connecting additional Base Devices
  • XPSU power supplies (redundancy supported)

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