Audio Network

NEXUS is used as an audio-network and routing system for the AURATUS and underpins the flexible and distributed structure of the overall system. NEXUS supports a variety of distributed Base Devices, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications from compact theatre systems to the complete networking of studio complexes and broadcast centres.

auratus nexus netzwerk

NEXUS Base Devices are available in configurations from 1 to 15 units in height. The interfaces they host are selected by the customer. Stage Tec offers a wide variety of system components supporting many analogue and digital audio formats as well as DSP and controller cards. The cards are equipped with standard connectors on their front panels, so Base Devices are used directly as connection boxes.

The exclusive use of fibre-optic cables for networking simplifies installation and allows for distances of up to 100 kilometres between Base Devices. In addition, these lines carry all control and audio data including talkback and monitor signals.

Loudness Metering

NEXUS audio networks and NEXUS-based mixing consoles offer loudness-metering features. The NEXUS software implements loudness metering as specified by ITU-R BS.1770-2, ITU-R BS.1771, and EBU R128, thus eliminating the need for external peripherals. Three metering methods are available: Momentary metering with an integration time of 400 ms; Short-term metering with an integration time of 3 sec; and Integrated loudness as a manually triggered long-term measurement. This approach allows the loudness range (LRA) to be determined directly on the NEXUS.
The peak metering stage is designed as an ITU-R BS.1770-2-compliant true-peak meter.


In 2010, the NEXUS was presented with the Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award for its exceptional audio quality and the impressive feature set. At the presentation ceremony in Los Angeles, the NEXUS was referred to as the “best routing system currently available”.

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