AURATUS continues the Stage Tec concept of consistent separation between the mixing console and the I/O matrix: The AURATUS mixing system comprises a console for operation and control and the XCMC audio-processing card in a NEXUS Base Device. Further NEXUS Base Devices to support different audio formats and long-distance signal distribution can be added as required.
The AURATUS is a compact mixing console with 54 input channels. The channel and bus structure is fixed. Because of this the console requires only a single highly optimized, compact and low-power XCMC card for all signal processing and control functions.

The integration of AURATUS with NEXUS produces a simple and intuitive console. All I/O routing is performed on the NEXUS.

Apart from NEXUS operation, AURATUS does not require a control computer. All data created – snapshots and projects – is stored to the SD memory card supplied.

The standard version AURATUS is a lightweight, portable console offered as a desktop or built-in unit. It is also available in an optional version with legs.

Even with the largest console configuration (24 channel strips plus master section), the power consumption is ultra-low. For example, an AURATUS featuring 16 channel strips consumes just 86 watts. Therefore, AURATUS does not require a fan. It is supplied with redundant power supplies as standard.

AURATUS helps users with recurrent tasks. Important configuration options are set and stored for subsequent use:

  • Assignment of NEXUS inputs and outputs to mixer channel strips is freely definable in the NEXUS software and stored as a snapshot.
  • AURATUS can adopt the resource names selected and/or entered in the NEXUS software.
  • The console offers more audio channels than there are channel control strips. Audio channels can be individually set up and assigned to channel strips and stored for rapid recall. Eight freely assignable operating layers are available, accessed via dedicated keys.
  • Channels can be linked for ease of use. (Stereo channels, VCA groups, link groups)
  • Mute groups, created individually, enable the multiple channels associated with a mute group to be muted using a single key.
  • The static automation function saves specific settings as snapshots.
  • All settings and snapshots can be saved as part of the project management at every stage of production as a project and later recalled.
  • At shutdown, the console creates a safety backup project which is loaded automatically on start up.

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