Multimedia Center in Japan Opts for AURUS


iMedio, a business incubator supporting young multimedia and IT companies in the establishment phase of their businesses, has purchased one of the new AURUS mixing consoles by STAGETEC. This large console will be used primarily for mixing multimedia, video, and DVD productions. iMedio is the second Japanese customer for AURUS . Last year, the first console was sold to the New National Theatre in Tokyo.
In an area of approximately 2,100 m², iMedio, (Incubator for Multimedia Industry Osaka) provides space, technology and know-how from the multimedia and IT domains to start-ups and young enterprises to aid them in implementing their business ideas. A large post-production studio is currently being constructed, with the new AURUS at its heart. The console is luxuriously appointed with 56 channel strips, 112 audio channels, 16 extra channel resources for monitoring and 128 mix buses. This configuration has an exceptional feature, »As this is a rental studio where numerous external engineers will work, simple operation was an absolute must. iMedio requested a comparatively large number of fader pan-els to prevent dual fader assignments,« says Sebastian Schmidt, project manager in charge, who directs the project in co-operation with the Japanese distributor of STAGETECs products, Heavy Moon. The standard system, comprising the obligatory combination of AURUS and NEXUS STAR, plus an extra 9-U NEXUS base device, is networked using fibre-optics. This base device will provide inter-faces to external sources and destinations. This configuration can subsequently be expanded using more base devices as required. The NEXUS STAR accom-modates a total of five DSP boards, each with a capacity of 32 audio channels.

»In addition to simple operation and optimum audio quality, there was a third cri-terion that made iMedio opt for the AURUS - the enormous flexibility of the con-sole. For example; thanks to the adaptive user interface, engineers can use the AURUS as an inline desk if they prefer. No matter whether the project is a simple dubbing task or an extensive 5.1 production for DVD: All the various jobs hap-pening at the studio can be handled quickly, with high productivity using the new AURUS,« summarizes Schmidt. The installation will be completed by the end of March.

The production-ready version of AURUS was introduced at the 2003 AES Con-vention. 18 consoles have been sold worldwide, since. This makes AURUS one of the best-selling new products of the Berlin based manufacturer STAGETEC in recent years, continuing the traditions established by the leg-endary CANTUS.