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Numbered among the world’s busiest performing arts centres, with its influence reflected by its size, the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay in Singapore opened its doors ten years ago. The concept of the centre with four indoor venues, an outdoor stage, plus temporary festival stages and workshop and rehearsal facilities, proved to be highly successful. Now it was time to enlarge the existing audio network, which is why two CRESCENDO audio consoles and a number of additional NEXUS components have been supplementing the preexisting NEXUS network since 2011. Now this has grown into a system comprising three NEXUS STARs, 21 Base Devices and two mixing consoles.
The CRESCENDO was chosen since it not only integrates smoothly into the existing NEXUS network but also meets the criteria for live use, offering compact size combined with instant access to critical channel functions. The two consoles are installed in the audio control rooms of the large Theatre and of the Concert Hall. They are mainly used for preproduction and for recordings of the events. With the aid of the new STARs, the network architecture, formerly highly centralised, can be divided into three segments. In this way parallel productions can be better supported. The MADI connections still allows cross-segment signal routing within the entire building complex.
Robin Shuttleworth, Technical Manager (Sound), The Esplanade Co. Ltd, says: »When purchasing our first NEXUS units back in 2008, we already had a possible subsequent expansion of the overall system in mind. That idea was very easy to put into practice. We were pleased with the flexibility and adaptability of the system!