State Networking


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In the middle of Rome lies the smallest country in the world, Vatican City, seat of the head of the Catholic Church. For more than twelve years, it has also been home to a NEXUS audio network which supports the production of the state-owned radio station. Radio Vatican itself is anything but small since the station produces in 21 languages, is transmitted via four different terrestrial networks and DAB, and is broadcast worldwide over satellite and the Internet.

Not only do the tasks and circulation of Vatican Radio differ from other stations, the production situation is very specific. Due to simple lack of space, the majority of the station’s production facilities are located far away in the Palazzo Pio, about 3 km outside the Vatican, in Rome. However, the main control room and some of the production control rooms as well as important production sites for live recordings are within the Vatican.

The initial task for the NEXUS system was simply to form a link between the Vatican and the external production site. Nowadays it also supplies comprehensive audio networking between locations within the Vatican. For this reason, the existing NEXUS was expanded extensively last year. A star-shaped NEXUS audio network, consisting of two STARs and 15 Base Devices, arranged for redundancy in many areas, now opens up the Vatican congress center, the Pope’s blessing room and even St. Peter‘s Basilica for sound recordings.

Radio productions are also supported by a DELEC intercom system with subscriber units in all production areas. The latest expansion is represented by a CRESCENDO that will soon begin operation in the main control room located in the heart of Vatican City.