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Base Device

NEXUS Star Router

The NEXUS Star Router is a special Base Device in the NEXUS system. It offers pure routing functionality and is used to set up complex audio networks. It also accommodates the control and processing boards of various STAGETEC mixing consoles. Up to two consoles per Star can be connected and operated with 7 RMDQ processing cards.

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NEXUS – Star Router – The concept:

Like the NEXUS, the NEXUS Star Router is designed as a 19" rack and 6 U high. It is also equipped as standard with the time- division multiplex bus system (backplane), control boards and power supplies.

Technical Specifications :


  • 19" slide-in rack with a height of 6 U, flight cases available on request

  • Each module is 6 U in size

  • 1 RCX control card

  • At least 1 rear panel power supply unit

  • Redundant power supplies (optional)


  • 4-TE grid (20.32 mm)

  • 2 4TE slots for RCX (CPU & Matrix)

  • 1 slot for RSYNC (Video-Synchronization)

  • 2 slots for RMC/RMCQ (Mixing console Control cards)

  • 14 slots for DSP or audio interfaces

Bus System

  • Direct fixed connection to the matrix from all cards

  • 256 I/Os per slot

  • 24-bit audio data plus additional data according to AES 3

  • System size up to 4,096 inputs and 4,096 outputs

  • Sampling frequencies: 44.1; 48; 88.2; 96 kHz


  • Height: 6 U, approx. 266 mm

  • Width: approx. 482.6 mm

  • Depth: approx. 440 mm (without handles and connectors)

NEXUS Star Router – Downloads:

Download PDF • 1.72MB

Currently no media available

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