System Boards

xrt04 panel realThe new reference for routers – 8k on one board: XRT

XRT constitutes its own router with a minimal space requirement of just one board, and enables the creation of complex and powerful audio networks using NEXUS Base Devices.

XRT - the fourth generation of NEXUS system fibre-optic boards

xcpu09-frontSystem Boards XCPU

The XCPU board is the main controller of NEXUS Base Devices and is pri­marily designed for controlling the routing, including redundant lines. It also handles the communication with an external control com­put­er, sys­tem management, and controls and monitors all system com­po­nents including power-supply units and backplanes.

Main Controller Board for NEXUS Base Devices

xfoc07-frontNetwork-Interface Board for NEXUS Systems

The XFOC-LC belongs to the third-generation of NEXUS optical interface boards. It provides four ports, each with a transmission capacity of 256 channels. Data transmission is plesiochronous at a rate of 1.25  Gbps.

System Boards XFOC-LC

xsync-frontVideo/WCLK Sync Input board for the NEXUS

The XSYNC board for the NEXUS was designed for connecting to ex­ter­nal studio systems and devices. It provides two inputs used for syn­chro­nising the NEXUS system remotely: video and word clock. The syn­chro­nising input is selected using the NEXUS control program.

System Boards XSYNC